About me

I am a PhD student, studying pollination in the beautiful New Zealand. My undergraduate education was in animal physiology and I hoped one day to be an amazing zoo keeper. However, I soon discovered a deep and abiding allergy to pets that was somewhat of a career changer. At the end of my degree, I was offered a masters scholarship by the plant ecology group at my university. I couldn’t decide if I should give up my love of animal physiology to pursue my budding interest in plants, and then I realised I wouldn’t have to. Pollination research beautifully combines the wonders of animal physiology and ecology with plant ecology making one perfect area of research.

I completed a Master of Science with a thesis on the pollination and forest ecology of Ixerba brexioides (tawari), and now I am investigating the role and impact of honey bees in New Zealand indigenous submontane forest. Fascinating.