Shout out to my field assistant/husband


I was just going through some of my field work photos and decided a shout out is in order – to my amazing field assistant/husband.

My husband, Kowhai, is a student at the University of Waikato studying accounting – pretty much the antithesis of biology. Nevertheless, he gave up a whole summer to tramp through the forest with me, collecting data for my PhD research. Days were spent in the bush, and evenings he spent writing his first e-book (which he has subsequently published on Amazon).

It was amazing for me to see him become more and more interested in the work, and even start to develop his own hypotheses for things going on in the forest.

I don’t know if there is a world field assistant appreciation day, but it might as well be today. I am grateful for my incredible husband and his work ethic, curiosity, and efficiency, but most of all for making even the most tedious of jobs fun.


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